Thursday, August 14, 2014

Birth Announcement - Better Late Than Never

A reader emailed me for an update on the arrival of our rainbow, reminding me that I never updated my blog. Whoops!

Baby A Mercer arrived June 2, 2014 via c-section, which was much more calm and relaxed than his big brother's arrival via c-section. He came out screaming and at a whopping 9 lbs 1 oz. I joke with my OB that the baby aspirin did it's job and he got the nutrients he needed in-vitro. It is now mid-August and he is 10 weeks old.

Big brother E is a wonderful big brother, very loving and attentive. And the dog, who I worried would be too hyper, loves to give Baby A kisses: on his head, feet, hands, face, etc. I'm hoping they will be buddies as A grows.

We chose the middle name Jace for our second rainbow. It means "a healing". I feel that this journey, through his pregnancy and delivery, has been a healing journey.

And now for a few pictures of our sweet one. This was taken at the hospital. The onesie was a gift from my miscarriage support group "The Brites", each of our rainbow babies has received one. The second is a picture of "my boys" - so much love in this picture. Thank you for your support through our journey. And for those who have reached out, asking for advice and sharing your struggles as well, you are in my thoughts and I'm praying for each of you. Love, H