Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Meet The Mercers Took a Vacation

So the Mercer's took their first vacation in 6 years. First time with a kid, and we added our 8 month old puppy too. We went to our favorite home away from home - Rochester NY. We left Friday night and came home Sunday afternoon. And while it was good as a first trip it was honestly way too short. I was hoping to do two kid friendly activities while there; the Strong's Children's Museum and the Seneca Zoo. Time would only allow a trip to the Children's museum but it was totally worth it. If we are Facebook friends, you can view the pictures there but since this blog is a little more public, I'm going to keep the pictures limited.

Bailey was such a good boy during the 4 1/2 hr car ride

 Mini Wegman's exhibit - Kids shopped for 5 items, and then went through checkout. They could also be the cashier and work the belt and the register. The food was so realistic looking. E loved this so much he went through twice.

 Left: Bearenstein Bears exhibit
Right: Sesame Street exhibit

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