Thursday, October 3, 2013

Chasing Rainbows: The Last Puzzle Piece?!

Monday was a very exciting day. I got a positive pregnancy test. Yes! A POSITIVE pregnancy test! Actually, two tests. And then I went to the Reproductive Endocrinologists office and had a couple blood tests done. They confirmed I am pregnant and my HCG and Progesterone are both within the normal range. I am four weeks pregnant. I go back next week for repeats of these tests to make sure my levels are rising.
I truly feel that learning about the MTHFR mutation, and then treating it has answered quite a few problems. Or as my post says, I found the last puzzle piece. And because of this, God heard my prayers; I did not need to start Clomid! Can I get an amen! Because, I was very scared to start it.
Pray for a sticky baby (I don't know, it's an internet term for a baby that makes it to term).

I recognize that I have a very small readership on this blog but I also felt this was an important post for those following our story. We are planning on sharing this news with family after my 6.5 week ultrasound. And making a bigger announcement after the NT scan around 13 weeks.

I have 12 more weeks before I will feel like I'm in my "safe" zone.

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Melissa said...

congrats!! I am so excited for you guys!